2010 | Scenic Design, Terminus, DWDT

Nicola Parente creates a Video and Painting Installation for Terminus, a ballet conceived and choreographed by Dominic Walsh, Oct 21-23, 2010

This years revival of Dominic Walshs collaborative Terminusis set to a score composed and performed live by Two Star Symphony. Named after the Roman god of boundaries and location, Terminus is motivated by Nicola Parente’s The Edge of Urban Time series and features a video/painting installation created by the artist. Included in this tantalizing mixed rep program is the Texas premiere of an excerpt from 27’52” by icon Jirí Kylián. Kylián is considered to be amongst the most prominent and brilliant choreographers in the world today, and 27’52” is the most recent Kylián piece being performed in the U.S. The program also includes the U.S. premiere of Walsh’s Medea, a new work commissioned by Teatro San Carlo that premiered in Italy in 2009. Dancers: Domenico Luciano, Marissa Leigh Gomer, Rachel Meyer, Ty Parmenter, Randolph Ward, and Felicia McBride. (Photos courtesy of Gabriella Nissen)

Review in Houston Chronicle (October 22, 2010) by MOLLY GLENTZER calls Terminus… “one of Walsh’s best-conceived pieces, shows the power of collaboration. His partners are the expressive string ensemble Two Star Symphony and artist Nicola Parente, whose lush abstract paintings and urban video (on an installation that chops up the images) give context to the movement.”…