See the work of  Nicola Parente, Allan RodewaldTed Lincoln, J. Coleman Miller and Andrew Schrock at the RED DOT Art Fair during Art Basel week in sunny Miami Florida, December 1st thru the 5th. AleatoricArt is a Houston based gallery of selected international artists who allow the laws of physics to guide their creative vision, seeking out art born of natural causes and daring to leave some things purely to chance. By developing a deeper artistic understanding of the forces that have governed our universe since the beginning of time, these courageous innovators have discovered unique ways of collaborating with nature to produce some of the most beautiful and compelling chance-based images in contemporary art. AleatoricArt made its  debut at the Aqua Art Fair in 2009 and was quite an attraction at the event. This year the gallery presents 5 selected artists whose most recent creations and latest techniques will be on display, and all of the artists will attend the show.