Launching the season at Serenade Art House in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, American-Italian artist Nicola Parente premiers “In the Light,” a photographic exhibition.

“In the Light” came to life after a relentless four-year journey. Parente explored the concept of hidden light, light that is too fast for the human eye to capture. Once Parente disentangled the process of breaking down light a whole world opened to him. The result is a breathtaking collection of work that celebrates the infinite colours of light with none of the photographs having been manipulated by Photoshop. With “In the Light” the viewer is welcomed to enter the light.

“In the Light” Exhibition Runs October 18 – November 27, 2011

Serenade Art House aims to introduce Ethiopian art lovers to creative works from other countries. The season will also launch exhibitions by renowned Ethiopian artists Behailu Bezabith and Bisrat Shibabawe and American artist Olivia Pendagast. Also, the season will include an art exhibition premiering the works of some of Kenya’s most celebrated artists.