Current Exhibition at Laura Rathe Fine Art |  2707 Colquitt St., Houston TX 77098   713.527.7700  
October 19- November 29, 2019

In Nicola Parente’s recent body of work entitled Musings of the Human Condition, Parente explores the relationships between painting and living. According to Parente, “Daydreaming into the layers of human subconscious is much like my reductive abstract painting process. First the layers of paint are applied, only to be subsequently stripped of that which is not necessary. The process itself is like a dream, letting go into the world of creation, resulting in musings depicted in paint. Reducing layers of paint combined with mark making achieves beauty, just as growth and discernment results in living authentically. Each is a process of development. Vitality, energy, and nature are connected to my daydreaming. Inspired by a different aspect of the human condition, each painting captures a unique daydream as a moment in time.”