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“Color Bursting Hermann Park”  Art Uniti Team Nicola Parente and Tami Moschioni,  2018

Merrick and Parente created a symphony of visual art, dance, poetry and music in celebration of spring. “Color Bursting Hermann Park” was made possible by grants from the Houston Arts Alliance, the National Endowment for the Arts’ Our Town initiative, as well as The Brown Foundation, Wells Fargo, City of Houston and Hermann Park Conservancy, in partnership with Writers in the Schools, YES Prep Eastside, Thomas Printworks, and North American Plastics. The project encourages community involvement in a range of activities – “Dancing Trees” (playful vinyl tree skirts alternate with ribbons in vivid rainbow colors, created by Merrick and Parente), “Lyrical Trees” (colorful tree vests made by the community), “Refraction” (a dancing tour of Hermann Park choreographed by Lori Yuill), and “Shades of Blue” (performance by Texas Johnny Boy, Bluesician). Some majestic park trees don colorful painted skirts alternating with vivid ribbon tree vests welcoming spring with “Dancing Trees” and “Lyrical Trees”. Drawing inspiration from Edgar Degas’ ballet dancers and Kenneth Noland’s contemporary concentric circle paintings, playful vinyl tree skirts alternate with ribbons in vivid rainbow colors wrapped around live oaks along the Marvin Taylor Trail. The skirts will “dance” in the breeze leading walkers on a prismatic display of rainbow colors. For additional information on this project visit ART UNITI WEBSITE.



Scaped Senses, by Nicola Parente and Tami Merrick,  2017

“Scaped Senses” is an outdoor, future civic art installation in Houston’s Northside to be located at 3517 Irvington across from Moody Park. We invite the community to participate in our family art workshops to create poetic, painted PVC grasses which will align walking paths. Visitors will meander the labyrinth to a monumental, woven, basket sculpture inviting written public comments on glistening cd discs. Join the artistic team of Nicola Parente and Tami Merrick in creating a meditative, healing, color field, art installation embracing cultural diversity and weaving community.

“Scaped Senses” is a site specific installation funded in part by grants from the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance, in partnership with fiscal sponsor Fresh Arts, Avenue Community Development Corporation and Writers in the Schools.  Video by Lisa Marie Evans

PBS Houston Public Media, Poet Trees 2017

Nicola Parente partnered with Writers in the Schools (WITS) to transform trees into “poet-trees” in Houston during National Poetry Month. Parente dressed trees at Buffalo Bayou Park. Visitors were encouraged to write a poem, sentiment or thought and hang it on the trees. This interactive installation had more than 7,000 tags over the course of 4 weeks.

This project is funded through a grant from the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance. Special thanks to Buffalo Bayou Partnership.

Art Now Houston, 2016 by Flashback Films

Art Now Houston is a film about creative people, from painters & composers to architects & media companies, working in the Washington Avenue Arts District.

The Rørpost Collaboration Project, Art Chatter, 2016 by Savage Henry Films

(interview at 36:53)   Our purpose is to bring international artists together using collaborative projects as a pipeline for the flow of creative energy, the development of friendships, and the celebration of the freedom of expression. We paired 21 Esbjerg artists with 21 Houston artists. Each artist started a work on paper. These works were sent across the Atlantic to be finished by their artistic partner. The work then made a return trip to its creative origin. Each artist subsequently created a new work in response to the experience of the collaboration in a medium of their choice.

There will be four exhibitions, two in Esbjerg and two in Houston. The exhibits will each consist of  42 collaborative paper pieces and 21 individual artist responses. Visit Rørpost for additional information.

Colony Collapse, 2013

Nicola Parente combines his keen artistic vision with his concern for the earth’s delicate ecosystems in his new work entitled Colony Collapse. This site-specific installation of over 2700 recycled brown paper bags lined from floor to ceiling results in a man-made honeycomb. Parente’s creation is an intricate display of organic volume, combined with sound and projection of a bee colony inside the tiny 8x10ft space of Micro Scope 1824, an experimental art space at Spring Street Studios.

The project began buzzing on March 20th and will be on exhibit through May 2013. With this installation Parente aims to make the viewer more aware of the worldwide decline of bee colonies and open a dialogue about the importance of a pesticide-free food chain. According to Parente, “bees play a vital role in a wide variety of ecosystems as pollinators and the bee population is an important part of our evolutionary chain… I hope everyone who experiences this exhibition will walk away with an awareness and be inspired to do their part in making sure of the bee’s survival”.

Bees provide massive economic benefits to human society, both through the production of honey and, even more importantly, the pollination of a large variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and flower crops. The economic value of honeybees in the U.S. alone has been estimated at $8-12 billion. Over 3 million colonies of bees have died in the USA since 2006 and over a thousand millions of bees have died in this period in the world.

Video produced by Aaron Courtland Productions

Nicola Parente: Al borde del despertar, Edge of Awakening, Manuel Felguérez Abstract Art Museum, 2012

The Manuel Felguérez Abstract Art Museum is one of the largest museums in the world dedicated to all forms of abstract art. Located in the heart of Zacatecas, Mexico, a colonial city and UNESCO site, the museum hosts artists of international appeal. This video features the museum’s recent solo exhibition of contemporary abstract painter Nicola Parente.

Video and Music produced by Aaron Courtland Productions

Collector’s Waltz, 2012 by Michel Muylle

The film documents interviews with two collector and six Texas based artists and gallery owner. Interviews were recorded in the collector’s residences and the artist’s studios and feature many of the art pieces in their respective collections. Artists featured include Nicola Parente, McKay Otto,  Lucinda Cobley, Antonio Farfan, Daniel Kayne, and Joseph Cohen.

Winter Street Studios, 2012

Since 2005 Winter Street Studios has been and continues to be one of the most exciting work spaces for Houston’s creative community. An old furniture factory scheduled for demolition has become the home of 75 art studios for over 87 local artists. Winter Street Studios, under the vision of Jon Deal and Avenue CDC, has laid the floor plan for a centralized, thriving arts community inside the loop. They have cultivated a unique and productive space where established artists and emerging artists and organizers and visionaries thrive in what they desire to do—make art. Artists participating in the video are: Chris Silkwood, Eddie Hall, Joan Bohn, Ian Anderson, Micah Simmons, Kevin Peterson, Rose Hohenberger, Cheryl Tamborello, Carolyn “Cookie” Ashton, Kelley Devine, Michael Arceri, Deborah Morris, Marthann Masterson, Danny Clark, Dianne Webb, Alex Wilhite, Nicola Parente, Camille Pendleton, Sandi Seltzer Bryant, Van McFarland, Betsy Evans, Mitch Samuels, and William H. Miller.

Director / Cinematography: Garry Watson

Time Out of Line, Dominic Walsh Dance Theater, 2011

Lighting Design James Sale |  Scenic Design Nicola Parente and Dominic Walsh | Video Design by Tim Thomson | Costume Design Domenico Luciano

Nicola Parente: Cadillac Spirit of Texas, 2011

Producer/Director / DP: Chris Multop |  Assistant Camera: Davis Atkins | Audio: John Lance | Editor: Nick Geist

The Perfect Gentlemen, 2010 (episode 1) 

Terminus, Dominic Walsh Dance Theater, 2008

Scenic & Costume Design by Nicola Parente | Music by Two Star Symphony