New Paintings | 2019 +


In Nicola Parente’s recent body of work entitled Musings of the Human Condition, Parente explores the relationships between painting and living. According to Parente, “Daydreaming into the layers of human subconscious is much like my reductive abstract painting process. First the layers of paint are applied, only to be subsequently stripped of that which is not necessary. The process itself is like a dream, letting go into the world of creation, resulting in musings depicted in paint. Reducing layers of paint combined with mark making achieves beauty, just as growth and discernment results in living authentically. Each is a process of development. Vitality, energy, and nature are connected to my daydreaming. Inspired by a different aspect of the human condition, each painting captures a unique daydream as a moment in time.”

“No Color Without Light” Series | 2015 -2016


Look at light and admire its beauty. Close your eyes, and then look again: what you saw is no longer there; and what you will see later is not yet. – Leonardo da Vinci

In Nicola Parente’s new body of work, No Color Without Light, color plays against grounds of luminous white, subtly evoking emotive facets of life and the presence of light that encompasses all. At its core light is energy, a vitality that permeates the latest expressions in a body of work that spans more than a decade.

The viewers journey begins by moving through space seeing from every angle, reflected light from metallic paint surfaces, and negative white space make color vibrant and alive.

Contemplation occurs with changing light, a result perhaps of a different environment or just because the time of day or circumstance has altered the light therefore changing the entire view. Change is a source of creation, it happens on its own and your awareness allows you the gift of seeing, participating and experiencing the work in a variety of contexts.

Parente’s dialogue with his own work is an exploration of the creative process through experience. Parente states “I explore movement, and from a visual perspective light creates visual images all around us. The speed of a fast train blurs vision, technology changes at the speed of light. It is those moments in life where we pause, for a crisp clean second and we see sharply the beauty in the world.”

In those moments, the art of Nicola Parente transcends on into a dialogue of its own engaging with the viewer to create something outside of the artist in the world and completely its own.

“Pelagico” Series | 2013-2015


“I need the sea because it teaches me.” – Pablo Neruda

Nicola Parente has long been captivated by the lessons offered by the sea. From his childhood home on the southern Italian shores of the Adriatic Sea to his life now on the Texas Gulf Coast, Parente has been shaped and inspired by his experience of the sea. In his new series of reductive abstract paintings entitled Pelagico, Parente beckons the observer to consider both the sea that lies within and the expanse of sea that brings life to the world.

The paintings in this vibrant series capture the paradox of the sea that may be observed as, at once, contemplative calm and wild abandon. Parente’s use of negative space and a ground of white draws the observer into the experience of serenity, while his introduction of undulating black lines and flashes of brilliant blues and iridescent greens bring forceful energy and movement to his work.

Pelagico celebrates the deep connection that the sea makes with all inhabitants of our planet” according to Parente. “Water is essential for life. While some may view the seas as boundaries that separate, I see connection. The water that spans the globe touches and unites the shorelines of all the continents. The seas are shared in common with all, connecting and sustaining all life,” says Parente.


“Edge of Awakening” Series | 2010-2012


“Only that day dawns to which we are awake.”

These words by Henry David Thoreau inspire Nicola Parente’s new body of work Edge of Awakening. The dynamic series of expressive abstract paintings explores neither awakening nor its opposite, but the uncertain worlds between the two where each person must choose among possibilities. Those choices, those points of decision, visited and re-visited, both discover and invent the nature of our lives.

In the paintings comprising the series, Parente embraces negative space to evoke a sense of limitlessness. On a predominantly white ground, lines of black and intermittent color appear and re-appear in ever-changing intervals and variant shades whose only clear boundary is the edge of the medium.

According to Parente, “Art is a venture into worlds that are often only discovered in the attempt to represent them to yourself and others.” He prefers to paint in series, “exploring multiple ways of saying not the same thing, but similar things, related things—things that are in process and could go in a multiplicity of directions. The possibility of awakening is also the possibility of remaining unawakened. Our lives are more circuitous than linear, living in more than one environment, a step forward, a step back, moving through a land with no clear boundaries whose silence we interrupt with both our words as well as our marks of paint, discovering and inventing our futures.”