“Energy of Light” Series


My interest in exploring aspects of life that our eyes cannot readily see has led me to the depiction in art of the natural expressions of light, energy and time. There are objects and effects that are so microscopic or happen so fast that your eye and brain cannot detect or process them. Altering how you observe and document light results in capturing it in a way that the human eye cannot perceive it. Seeing it this way allows colors to come through in heightened vibrancy. We live in a moment in time where technology and artificial light is utterly prevalent. Our senses are constantly bombarded with quickly changing images. This body of work involves slowing down life to the point that the camera can see what the eye cannot by focusing exclusively on the light, and in turn, through double refraction, capturing a specific time and moment when light has come to a complete stop. Our naked eye cannot ever achieve this and there is a mystery that is associated with this movement. This series forces me to slow down and appreciate the beauty and dynamic patterns that happen with light. At that moment when all stands still, the pure energy is focused through the lens and onto the photograph.  My wish is for the viewer to travel through these pieces, appreciate the energy of light, and reflect.

These images were captured using iPhone 7 and have little or no editing other than cropping. The vibrant colors that you see are the true colors captured by the camera. 

Each work is a limited signed edition of five, signed in pencil on the back of image.

UV-Curable Archival Pigment Print on Archival Metallic Paper.

“In the Light” (illuminare) Series


In the Light (Illuminare) came to life after a relentless four-year journey. I explored the concept of hidden light, light that is too fast for the human eye to capture. Once I disentangled the process of breaking down light a whole world opened to him. The result is a breathtaking collection of work that celebrates the infinite colours of light. With “In the Light” the viewer is welcomed to enter the light.

None of the photographs have been manipulated by Photoshop. Each work is a limited signed edition of seven.

“Bishangari” Series


Bishangari, Ethiopia, 2011: Inspired by Parente’s travel to Ethiopia in 2011, this photography series focuses on the abstract of light as it was experienced by the artist during his stay in Bishangari on Lake Langano.  Bishangari is an eco-site, a natural wilderness, a wildlife sanctuary, secluded beach and lodge.  It is a natural retreat of breathtaking beauty that combines five ecological zones;- wetlands, beach and lake, the forest, the dry pumice rocks and the acacia shrub. Parente has captured nuances of this beauty in these stunning photographs without using any digital manipulation. Each work is a limited signed edition of seven. Sizes 20 x 30 in and 16 x 24 in

None of the photographs have been manipulated by Photoshop. Each work is a limited signed edition of seven.