2009-2010 | Natural Recyclers, Art League

Natural Recyclers, Outdoor Sculpture Installation by Nicola Parente and Dyvia Murthy, November 2009 – Spring 2010

Natural Recyclers is an outdoor sculpture installation conceived by artists Nicola Parente and Dyvia Murthy at Art League Houston. Natural Recyclers uses plants and organic materials to recycle carbon from the environment. It represents on a small scale, the complex system nature uses to regulate toxins in our environment. By naturally recycling organic matter and having a symbiotic relationship with the root structures of plants, mushrooms are an ideal symbol for promoting environmental consciousness within our community. This natural exchange of carbon and oxygen by living organisms is only one part of the solution to the human-made impending carbon crisis. In order to reduce our local carbon footprint, communities must be more conscientious about recycling the waste that nature cannot break down, such as plastics and other synthetic materials. Each mushroom is comprised of either herbal, non-native, or Texas native plants. The installation will cultivate stages of life and death by growing and changing along with the climate and weather in Houston. (Images courtesy of Aaron Courtland Photography.)