“Color Bursting Hermann Park”  Art Uniti Team Nicola Parente and Tami Moschioni, 2018

Merrick and Parente created a symphony of visual art, dance, poetry and music in celebration of spring. “The project encourages community involvement in a range of activities – “Dancing Trees” (playful vinyl tree skirts alternate with ribbons in vivid rainbow colors, created by Merrick and Parente), “Lyrical Trees” (colorful tree vests made by the community), “Refraction” (a dancing tour of Hermann Park choreographed by Lori Yuill), and “Shades of Blue” (performance by Texas Johnny Boy, Bluesician). Some majestic park trees don colorful painted skirts alternating with vivid ribbon tree vests welcoming spring with “Dancing Trees” and “Lyrical Trees”. Drawing inspiration from Edgar Degas’ ballet dancers and Kenneth Noland’s contemporary concentric circle paintings, playful vinyl tree skirts alternate with ribbons in vivid rainbow colors wrapped around live oaks along the Marvin Taylor Trail. The skirts will “dance” in the breeze leading walkers on a prismatic display of rainbow colors.

Color Bursting Hermann Park” was made possible by grants from the Houston Arts Alliance, the National Endowment for the Arts’ Our Town initiative, as well as The Brown Foundation, Wells Fargo, City of Houston and Hermann Park Conservancy, in partnership with Writers in the Schools, YES Prep Eastside, Thomas Printworks, and North American Plastics.

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