Nicola Parente and Tami Moschioni partnered to form Art Uniti in 2017 focused on civic art projects collaborating with other creative Houston artists in an interactive practice.  Civic artworks are often temporary, multidisciplinary, steeped in color theory and implement public engagement instigating multicultural interaction.

Nicola and Tami are art friends for over twelve years, participating in Art Chatter, and the Avenue Community Development Board. Both artists live near downtown Houston and embrace the socio economic issues and cultural diversity of the area. They have long art painting careers evolving into a combined practice in sculptural civic art, with experience creating site specific projects responding to communities and environments.

Both artists have large project expertise and track records for delivering projects on time and in budget.

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Recent Community Building Art Projects Include: (Click on Red link to learn more!)

2019 “Snapshot” Sculpture Project

2018 “Colorbursting Hermann Park

2017 “Scaped Senses