Interview – The Rørpost Collaboration Project, Art Chatter, 2016

by Savage Henry Films

The Rørpost Collaboration Project purpose is to bring international artists together using collaborative projects as a pipeline for the flow of creative energy, the development of friendships, and the celebration of the freedom of expression. They paired 21 Esbjerg artists with 21 Houston artists. Each artist started a work on paper. These works were sent across the Atlantic to be finished by their artistic partner. The work then made a return trip to its creative origin. Each artist subsequently created a new work in response to the experience of the collaboration in a medium of their choice.

There were four exhibitions, two in Esbjerg (Arier Gammeltorv at UXSyd, Esbjerg Denmark) and two in Houston (Art Car Museum and Houston City Hall). Each exhibits will consist of  42 collaborative paper pieces and 21 individual artist responses. For additional information please visit

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