We live in a fast moving world. We are unable to capture the changes around us. We feel trapped in a fast moving highway of transformation. I sit. I breathe. I inhale the thoughts, the ideas, the movements that are overwhelming, intense, rigid yet fluid, beautiful yet disturbing, moving and captivating. I digest the moment, this particular moment. I allow myself to bask in it.


My work struggles to define the intersection that is present in daily urban life. I am intrigued by the interplay between the fluid and the static elements present in today’s urban tapestry. My work investigates untangling the chaos, the brilliance of technology, human development, nature’s vibrancy and ultimate demise. I document it in the best way I know how, art, my only voice.



Dominic Walsh Dance Theater (DWDT)

Dominic Walsh Dance Theater (DWDT) is a Houston-based contemporary ballet company that inspires and entertains audiences and artists with visually stunning performances. Dominic Walsh Dance Theater presents innovative, thought-provoking works by its founder and other...
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Artist Nicola Parente’s Site Specific Art Installation “Colony Collapse” Brings Unique Awareness to Declining Honey Bee Population

“If the bees disappear, mankind would have only 4 more years of life.”           – Einstein   Houston-based artist Nicola Parente combines his keen artistic vision with his concern for the earth’s delicate ecosystems in his new work entitled Colony...
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Nicola Parente Creates video/painting installation for Dominic Walsh Dance Theaters “Terminus”, Oct 21, 22, 23, 2010 at 7:30pm Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, Zilkha Hall

Three programs in one evening: Join Dominic Walsh Dance Theater for the “first course” of our season… the centerpiece of this tantalizing mixed rep program is the Texas premiere of an intense excerpt from 27’52” by icon Jirí Kylián. Kylián is considered to be...
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“Natural Recyclers” Outdoor Installation, Art League Houston, Nov 13, 2009 thru Spring 2010

Natural Recyclers is an outdoor site specific installation by Nicola Parente and Dyvia Murthy created for Art League Houston. Using mainly recyclable and renewable resources, this installation consisting of three giant mushrooms, fabricated from rebar, soil, moss,...
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2013: Art for Hope

Nicola Parente donates art work to raise money for Bering Omega Community Services, Art for Hope 2013. To learn more about Bering Omega or to make a donation please Bering Omega dot...

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  • 2010     Edge of Awakening, Gremillion & Co. Fine Art, Houston TX
  • 2009/10 Natural Recyclers, outdoor installation at Art League Houston, Houston TX (two person exhibition)
  • 2009     Wasted Resolve, site specific gallery installation, Art League Houston, Houston TX (two person exhibition)
  • 2008     Journey, Gremillion & Co. Fine Art, Houston TX
  • 2008     Terminus, E_Merging II, Dominic Walsh Dance Theater, Houston TX (featured artist, set & costume design for ballet “Terminus”)
  • 2008     River Oaks Chamber Orchestra, Featured Artist, Houston TX
  • 2007     Art and Architecture, Shadehouse Development, Houston TX
  • 2007     Reflections, 1200 Post Oak Gallery, Houston TX
  • 2006     The Edge of Urban Time, Thornwood Gallery Colquitt, Houston TX (two person exhibition)
  • 2006     Circles, Inner Connection, Thornwood Gallery Birdsall, Houston TX
  • 2005     Inner Connections, Omni Houston Hotel Gallery, Houston TX
  • 2005     Sensations, Culture Club Gallery, Mola di Bari Italy
  • 2005     Movement Without Borders, Italy America Chamber of Commerce of Texas, Houston TX
  • 2005     Reaction, Morris Architects Lobby, Houston TX
  • 2004     Mediterraneo, Morris Architects Lobby, Houston TX
  • 2004     Mind Matter, Omni Houston Hotel Gallery, Houston TX
  • 2003     Art in Unsuspecting Places, Six Gee, Houston TX (two person exhibition)
  • 2003     Nuances of Emotions, Mind Puddles Gallery, Houston TX
  • 2010     Texas Art 2010, Assistance League, Williams Tower Gallery, Houston TX (juried exhibition, John Zarobell, Juror, Assistant Curator of Paintings and Sculpture, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)
  • 2009     Arts and Power, Gremillion & Co. Fine Art, Houston TX (Ron Gremillion, Curator)
  • 2009     Water-Effects on Life in the Houston Area, Rice University Shell Center for Sustainability, Houston TX
  • 2009     Italian Style Expo, Featured Artist, Houston TX
  • 2009     Transparent/Translucent, University of Texas Art Gallery Museum, San Antonio TX (Wade Wilson, Curator)
  • 2009     Parallel Universes – The Art of Quantum Physics, Spacetaker, Houston TX
  • 2008 Texas National 2008, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches TX (juried exhibition, Roger Shimomura, Juror)
  • 2008     Texas Art 2008, Assistance League, Williams Tower Gallery, Houston TX (juried exhibition, Dr. Kevin Salatino, Juror, Department Head and Curator of Prints and Drawings, Los Angeles County Museum of Art)
  • 2008     Intersections, The Jung Center, Houston TX
  • 2008     Dia de los Muertos, Lawndale Art Center, Houston TX
  • 2007     Art Crawl, M.A.N. Studios, Houston TX
  • 2007     Dia de los Muertos, Lawndale Art Center, Houston TX
  • 2007     ArtHouston, Gremillion & Co. Fine Art, Houston TX
  • 2007     In Focus, Visual Arts Alliance, Sugar Land Regional Airport, Houston TX
  • 2006     Art Crawl, Mother Dog Studios, Houston TX
  • 2006     Fire & Water Invitational, Arnaudville LA (Curated by George Marx)
  • 2006     Gallery Artist, Ann Connely Fine Art, Baton Rouge, LA
  • 2006     Dia de los Muertos, Lawndale Art Center, Houston TX
  • 2006     Visual Arts Alliance, Continental Airlines Building Lobby, Houston TX (juried exhibition, Clint Willhour, Juror)
  • 2006     ArtHouston, Thornwood Gallery, Houston TX
  • 2005     Dia de los Muertos, Lawndale Art Center, Houston TX
  • 2005     Visual Arts Alliance, Bank of America Building, Houston TX (Honorable Mention Award, juried exhibition, Harvey Bott, Juror)
  • 2005     Face, Artcar Museum, Houston, TX
  • 2004     Dia de los Muertos, Lawndale Art Center, Houston TX
  • 2004     Big Show, Lawndale Art Center, Art Car Museum, Houston TX (juried exhibition, Michael Ray Charles, Juror)
  • Kanaly Trust, Houston, TX
  • Banco Santander, Spain Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, Austin, TX
  • Parker Drilling Company Mann Eye Institute, Houston, TX
  • Boston Consulting Group, Houston, TX
  • Pride International Vestas Technology Memorial Hermann Hospital, Houston TX
  • Serenade Restaurant, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Neo’s Architects, Houston TX
  • Triad Resources, Houston TX
  • Bailey’s American Grille, Seabrook, TX
  • Palantir Capital Management, Houston TX
  • Vineyard on the Square, Sugarland TX
  • 2009     Juror, Black & White, IIDA, Art & Artifacts Photography Competition
  • 2009     Art for Arthritis ’09 Featured Artist, Houston TX
  • 2009     Houston Arts Alliance Peer Panel Review
  • 2009     Juror, Houston Art Colony Association for the annual Bayou City Arts Festival
  • 2008/09 Recipient of Artist Cohorn, Professional Development Workshop, DiverseWorks and Houston Arts Alliance, Houston TX
  • 2008     Recipient of Creative Capital Professional Development Workshop, DiverseWorks, Houston TX
  • 2008     Juror, Houston Art Colony Association for the annual Bayou City Arts Festival
  • 2008     002houston – Cover Contest Honorable Mention
  • 2007     Juror, Houston Art Colony Association for the annual Bayou City Arts Festival
  • 2005     Visual Arts Alliance, Bank of America Building, Houston TX (Honorable Mention, juried exhibition, Harvey Bott, Juror)

Teaching Experience:

  • 2009     Menil Collection, WITS Artist-in-residence, Joaquin Torres-Garcia Project, Houston, TX
  • 2009     Houston Museum of Fine Arts, WITS, Art to Poetry to Art workshops
  • 2009     Skeakeasy, Spacetaker (Artists Talk), Houston TX
  • 2009    Writers in the Schools (WITS), Artist-in-residence, Houston TX
  • 2007    DeMedici Art Academy, Houston TX Professional Affiliations: Art Colony Association, Houston, Board of Trustees Art Chatter Critique Group, Houston TX

Education: M.B.A., 2004, University of St. Thomas, Houston, TX B.A., 1988, Kings College, Wilkes-Barre, PA


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Aleatoric Art in the 21st Century

2013 | Aleatoric Art in the 21st Century, A Study of Chance in Fine Art, By J Coleman Miller and Ray Cabarga., featured on pp. 62-65

Book by In Focus of Houston

Owned and Operated by James Miller since 1989 in Houston Texas.
Top quality portraiture, commercial and fine art photography by J. Coleman Miller, and now featuring a fine art gallery with 44 international emerging and established artists employing the element of chance in their work.

2012 | Nicola Parente Al Borde del Despertar Edge of Awakening, Museo de Arte Abstracto Manuel Felguerez

The Manuel Felguérez Abstract Art Museum, one of the few museums in the world that specializes in abstract art, is committed to exhibiting and showing abstract productions created both locally and internationally. This exhibit by Italian-American artist Nicola Parente, titled Edge of Awakening, includes 30 recently created mid to large sized paintings.

Abstract art, as a universal pictorial, language gives artists the world over a series of possibilities and paths to express and verbalize, to invent and reinvent their own realities, through signs and expressions that know no boundaries. Within this global context, paintings by artists such as Nicola Parente could be considered contemporary Italian, North American, Mexican, or simply as paintings that belong to a worldwide current.

2010 | Nicola Parente Edge of Awakening

Edge of Awakening – Paintings by artist Nicola Parente

“Only that day dawns to which we are awake.”

These words by Henry David Thoreau inspire Nicola Parente’s new body of work Edge of Awakening. The dynamic series of expressive abstract paintings explores neither awakening nor its opposite, but the uncertain worlds between the two where each person must choose among possibilities. Those choices, those points of decision, visited and re-visited, both discover and invent the nature of our lives.

2008 | Nicola Parente Journey

Painting by Italian born artist Nicola Parente. Working in a variety of media, Parente engages the viewer in dialogues of human encounter within the urban environment. Inspired by changes in metropolitan communities, his art defines the intersections of daily urban life and timeless multi-cultural celebration. Parente’s paintings capture the fluidity and static elements of the urban matrix, referencing the architectonic images, reflections, and rhythms of its landscape.


2101 Winter Street, Studio 15
Houston, TX 77007

Studio U.S.: 713.922-6327
E-Mail: nicola @ nicolaparente.com

2501 Sunset Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77005
Tel. 713.522.2701

Av. Fernando Villalpando
#212 Centro Histórico, Zacatecas, Zac., México.
Tel. +52.492.924.3777


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